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Fending Off Dry Socket

Posted on 5/23/2018 by Barbara Ketchum
Dry Socket Oak Park Dental OR 97305-2054Fending off dry socket sounds like many different things. A mechanic might have to do this with one of their tools, or you may hear this in an eye doctor's office.

It surprises some people to find out that this is something our dental offices help people do. The best thing a person can do to prevent a dry socket is to understand what it is, what it means and what the treatment is. Learning these things can motivate people to take steps to prevent it.

Causes, Signs and Treatments

A dry socket forms after a tooth extraction. A blood clot forms in the hole where the tooth was. If the clot dissolves or breaks, it exposes the nerves and bone.

Signs of a dry socket include throbbing pain and swelling, a bad taste in the mouth and bad breath. Instead of a dark clot at the site of extraction, the site will show the white of the bone. Treatment involves pain medications and a dental professional cleaning the socket.

Prevention Techniques

About 1 out of every 5 people develop a dry socket after dental surgery. There are things people can do to give them a better chance of avoiding this problem. These include:

•  No smoking - We recommend avoiding tobacco use for at least two days after surgery.
•  Watch the food - Avoid hard and chewy foods. Turn to soft foods and liquids following surgery.
•  No straws - This can lead to a dry socket.
•  No spitting - This can cause the blood clot to break.

People that practice good oral hygiene practices are less likely to develop complications such as a dry socket after dental surgery. It is important to take care to prevent a problem like a dry socket, but it is also important to know what to do if you see the signs.

Our dental professionals can help anyone that develops the signs of a dry socket. Do not wait a second to contact us if you believe you have this problem or any other dental issues.
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